We work hard and play hard! Our salons are the perfect balance of creative energy, luxury and a warm welcome!

our vision

To provide a beautiful, clean and drama free space for Beauty Experts to practice their art, without the hassle of everyday "salon" issues.

Let the experience be about your client and your craft, and not about building management–leave that to us!

our professionals

Every one of our 175+ beauty experts are experienced, licensed professionals. They pride themselves in providing service that is unmatched in the beauty industry. They come to us with years of education and experience. Their vast number of clients are a testament to their talent and dedication.


our salons

Our salons are designed to promote just the perfect balance of relaxation and creative energy. They are beautifully decorated, impeccably maintained and expertly managed. Expect to feel both upscale luxury and a warm welcome at any of our 2 locations.

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